About us

So – our story started far far away at the poolside in Dubai, in July 2016.

After 6 years of running his own Compounding Pharmacy in South Africa (Dynaceuticals) was acquired by an international firm. Dwayne relocated to Dubai at the time – but with his feet firmly grounded in Africa – he was called back to Africa with a dream of serving patients through compounding in Africa. He had a calling and a dream – to found Novecy – Pioneers of Innovative Compounding, in Namibia. Dwayne moved to Namibia in February 2017 to pursue his dream.

But he had a tiny little problem – a pharmacy needs a pharmacist….After a long and hard journey, in a new country, figuring out where to start and what to do
– Dwayne’s was introduced to a pharmacist, Riana through a friend. Little did he know, at the time that she had the same entrepreneurial spirit and dream.

Over a cup of coffee in August 2017, dreams and ideas were shared – and there and then, Novecy became our reality. The hard work started – and Novecy finally opened its doors in April 2018.

At Novecy – we live our passion and dream – how lucky are we!! We are pioneers of innovative compounding.

We love what we do! Everything we do – we do with diligence – we strive towards excellence, but most of all – with humble and grateful hearts.


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